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Below is a letter written by 3x1 Founder, Scott Morrison, for the inaugural issue of our bi-monthly denim-centric newsletter 'The Atelier.' The Atelier newsletter will focus mainly on store happenings, custom & bespoke news, client stories, etc., while our standard newsletter focuses on new arrivals in ready-to-wear, promotions and sales. To receive our standard newsletter, please sign up at the bottom of our homepage. To be added to The Atelier mailing list, please email and we'll happily add you.


In January we turn 6 years old. It's been quite a journey, but nothing brings it home for me like thinking about the start of a new year - seeing how much we've accomplished, but also seeing how much work is left to do. Making jeans for a living was never something I planned on personally. It's more like something I fell into, and subsequently fell in love with. Perhaps we're all a bit like that, but more than anything, the only reason I get to do something I love is because of you, our customer.

Looking back at the past 6 years, it's easy to see that we've done a few things well. And certainly a few things not so well. More times than not however, we’ve managed to find our way, and through it all we’ve picked up an amazing group of friends, fans, and some I’d probably consider family. Tom Z., Lawrence S., Rony S., Pasco A., A'mare S., Jerry B., Mark P., Gene G., Justin W., Tyson C., Browne A., Rachel J., Brennan R., Marcus P., Larry F., Bob P., Tony P., Frank B., Mark S., Charles P., etc. - you're just a handful of incredible clients who have helped us grow over the years and create the foundation for our denim story. You're the true early adopter, the difference maker, the individual, the collaborator, the innovator, and the visionary - and we can’t thank you enough.

A mentor of mine once said: ideas have their minute, fads last weeks, trends last a season or two, labels might work for three or four years, but brands ... real brands take years to forge, decades to refine and continually reinvent themselves, until one day they become something else entirely. They become iconic. Well, iconic is the goal... and sure we're probably 50 years from making that happen, but we've kicked the ball a ways down the field and we're certainly up for the chase. I'm hoping you are too. Thank you again for believing in us, and allowing us to work thru the hiccups along the way.

This is the first of our bi-monthly mailer, which only goes out to clients of 15 Mercer Street, also known as ’the atelier’. In future iterations you’ll notice that we’ll highlight a client we're particularly fond of and share a bit of their story. It’s something I’m certainly fascinated by and I’m hoping you will be too. We’re also going to introduce you to a few new denims which are going to be featured on the Custom/Bespoke denim wall. If you want one made up, just let us know and we’ll take care of it straight away. Lastly, we're changing the format of our men’s Ready to Wear collection, which will be released in limited quantities each and every month. The idea is buy now, wear now, and our thought is to keep it small and special. We're not for everyone - and that's okay. That was never part of the plan. The plan was always pretty simple: make the best jean in the world, one pair at a time. Giddy up! - SM

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