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A 24 person factory behind glass.
The largest collection of selvedge denim in the world.
All based in the heart of Soho, NYC.

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The Selvedge Wall800 different denim fabrics sourced from the rarest
mills and selvedge looms from all the world.

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Kurabo Mills, Japan

Founded over 110 years ago, Kurabo is one of the oldest manufacturers of Japanese textiles today. Their use of natural indigo dyes and unique spinning processes have set them apart from the competition. Their unsurpassed quality has gained the respect of "Denim Heads" worldwide.


Selvedge is the narrow, tightly woven band on either edge of the denim fabric. A selvedge end prevents the edge of the denim from unravelling and is only found on denim woven on narrow-width, antique looms.

The search never ends...

"Selecting our selvedge denims is easily the most fun I get to have each week. We're constantly discovering new denims and selvedge fabrics. I love the idea of introducing our customers to a hand-picked Suvin cotton deadstock denim or the original K-series selvedge made from the first denim ever produced in Japan."

-Scott Morrison

3x1 Twill

Twill lines are the diagonal lines found on most denim. The diagonal direction comes from the 3 warp yarns going under and over the 1 weft yarn. 3x1 takes it's name in part due to this weaving pattern.


One of our finest denims is woven entirely from Suvin Cotton, the most luxurious cotton in the world. A hybrid of Sea Island cotton and Sujata cotton from India, Suvin cotton is extremely rare and expensive to produce.

Rope Dying

Rope dying is considered the best possible method to dye indigo yarns. During this special process, cotton yarns are twisted into a rope and dipped into an indigo dye bath. The frequency, duration, and dye bath temperature determine the final yarn shade.

The FactoryTop to bottom, our NYC store is an homage to denim. The space houses a complete jean manufacturing facility, a one-of-a-kind experience to see inside the world of 3x1 jean-making.

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The Factory

Visit us at 15 Mercer

3x1 - 15 Mercer


15 Mercer St.
New York, NY 10013


11 AM - 7 PM Mon. - Sat.
12 PM - 6 PM Sun.


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