3X1 takes the denim tradition and maintains its no-logo aesthetic across the time, focusing its research on proportions, different dyeing techniques, and small distinctive details which tell a story of great passion for denim.








All 3x1 denim canvas is supplied by Candiani Denim, one of the best mills in the world for the production of high-quality, organic, and microplastic-free fabric.

3x1 collections are designed to guarantee the best combination of comfort and style. For this reason, our style office has chosen three different types of fabric to meet different consumer needs.




These canvases contain a percentage of elastane to naturally adapt to the body’s curves. The fabric’s structure avoids excessive stretch, but guarantees resistance and support.
Our body-conscious models, designed to highlight the body curves, also belong to this category.








These denim canvases were created to find the perfect balance between the comfort of stretch fabric and the style of  rigid cloth. These canvases are perfect for all-day styles.







These authentic denim canvases are designed for people who love their denim without compromises. These fabrics maintain their structure because they are made of 100% cotton.

They never lose their shape, and they are perfect for relaxed fit styles and for those with bold crafting and dyeing.






Denim clothes were born during the 19th century to protect workers from severe weather conditions and from injury at the workplace. 3x1 designs take this tradition and adapt it to our fast-changing contemporary life.

All 3x1 denim has extraordinary strength thanks to double-stitched seams all through the inside and the outside of the leg which makes it more structured than other denim.

The evolution of this design has led to one of the most iconic styles of the brand, the Channel seam, which features double stitching along the Inside leg.
This detail makes the denim leg more stable during movement and elongates the legs thanks to a trompe l’oeil effect.

3x1 is synonymous with quality combined with style. Stitching can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing: the zip flapper is attractive thanks to double-stitched seams which run parallel and then conjoin at the end, also providing additional strength to this part of the jeans.








Jeans acquire value and charm over time: every mark left on the fabric represents the memory of something that we have built and achieved wearing them.

3x1 clothes are born to be authentic and every vintage effect is made to look real.
The 3X1 style office has carefully studied the historical archive to recreate some vintage styles that have different marks due to different daily uses and habits, such as the marks left by a wallet on the back pocket.




These effects are made by stapling the fabric in specific areas before washing, resulting in colour deposits and washouts that are characteristic of the vintage effect.







Breaks and tears are made using micro-drills and brushes, which are passed repeatedly on the fabric to achieve the desired effect, from a light vintage effect to edgier rips.
Every step is handmade by an expert artisan; this makes to the 3x1 denim unique: no two garments are alike.









Originally pockets on jeans were designed to safeguard the golden nuggets found by gold seekers or to hold different work tools. They thus needed to be resistant and comfortable.

3x1 has improved the pockets’ design, without forgetting their original role, but increasing comfort for contemporary business people.

Every pocket is stitched and then turned inside-out, keeping the inner seam inside, to avoid discomfort.
Looks are also important: all the pockets have a rounded line and are designed to lead the eye along the natural curve of the hip bones and to create a graceful silhouette.






3x1 are the jeans for denim lovers with no time for distraction. It was born as a no-logo brand with meticulous attention to the smallest details.

One in particular marks out the authentic style of the brand: a little triangle of fabric folded and then sewn between the top corner of the back pocket and the jeans. This detail inherited by the man denim tradition has become, across the years, the real trademark of 3x1.



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