• SLIM

    Slim fit through thigh with tapering from knee to ankle, providing flexibility and all-day comfort.

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    Skinny fit hugs the leg from hip to ankle for a lean look that doesn’t sacrifice ease of movement.

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    Straight slim blends an iconic athletic fit with a slim look & feel. The perfect everyday jean.

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    The athletic fit is designed specifically for athletic builds. with a roomier seat and thigh and tapered leg.

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All 3x1 denim canvas is supplied by Candiani Denim, one of the best mills in the world for the production of high-quality, organic, and microplastic-free fabric. 3x1 collections are designed to guarantee the best combination of comfort and style. For this reason, our style office has chosen three different types of fabric to meet different consumer needs.


    These denim canvases were created to find the perfect balance between the comfort of stretch fabric and the style of rigid cloth. These canvases are perfect for all-day styles.

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    These authentic denim canvases are designed for people who love their denim without compromises. These fabrics maintain their structure because they are made of 100% cotton. They never lose their shape, and they are perfect for relaxed fit styles and for those with bold crafting and dyeing. 

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    The selvedge, each of the two side edges of a piece of fabric, was borrowed from the men's denim tradition. This detail, characteristic of high-quality textiles, was adopted to preserve the authenticity and intrinsic strength of the fabric, keeping its aesthetics intact and offering a distinctive touch of craftsmanship

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Find the bottom of your ribs and the top of your
hips. Place a tape measure around your middle at a point halfway between them (just above the belly button).

Make sure it's pulled tight but isn't digging into your skin.

Breathe out naturally and take your measurement.



Stand with your feet together and wrap the tape around your hips and the roundest part of your rear. Be sure to keep the measuring tape straight.



Start with a pair of pants you already have that fit you well and lay them flat on the floor. Carefully measure the length from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg.