3x1 introduces 3x1 Handmade, a platform to empower creativity, a vision beyond seasons, establishing a meaningful dialogue between contemporary artistic expression and exclusive handmade creations.

The first 3 limited-edition capsule collections are:





This style has been hand-painted irregularly with brushes and sponges across the whole garment.

Every artistic creation is generated from chaos to which the artist impresses a structured and neat shape.

All of the workmanship and the details are hand-made, making every item unique. 



This style has been crafted by artisans who manually sprayed the black and white varnish on the canvases. The effect is not only artistic, but also unpredictable: every pair of jeans is like a blank canvas in the hand of a painter. All of the workmanship and the details are hand-made, making every item unique.




This style has been disassembled and reassembled together with original parts of military vintage trousers. Every item is different from one another, so it’s no surprise if some details, like a pocket, appear randomly on some trousers and not on others. All of the workmanship and the details are hand-made making every item unique.

To celebrate the launch at La Rinascente Milan, 3x1 has asked Red - one of the most talented artists of the contemporary artistic scene - to take over one of La Rinascente shop-windows.

Red loves graffiti street art and enjoys many different forms of self-expression: he has already collaborated with high-end fashion brands such as Heron Preston, Moncler and Palm Angels, besides DJing in clubs during fashion weeks and events.

Red will custom paint with his signature graffiti an entire shop-window of La Rinascente for 3x1, during a live night session on March 14th.

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