3X1 | Mimì Cuttrell

3X1 | Mimì Cuttrell

At 3x1 we are obsessed with making perfect pairs of jeans. So when we met Mimi, a genius stylist, and found out she is just as obsessed with denim as we are we knew it was the beginning of something special. After months of researching fits, determining fabrics and perfecting washes, we are finally able to share a collection of must-have denim straight from the mind of style guru Mimi Cuttrell and expertly executed by denim expert Scott Morrison and the team at 3x1. 

Ahead of launch, we sat down with Mimi to talk about the collection and she shared some of her styling tips to get the look just right. 

What is it about denim?

My love affair with denim started when I was very young. For almost as long as I can remember, jeans have always been a signature part of my wardrobe. To this very day, I find myself wearing jeans (almost) every day. It’s really the versatility that appeals to me the most. My clients know this and have such an affinity for them as well.

Tell us how this came to be, you partnering with 3x1.

I am consistently looking for the next ‘perfect’ pair of denim for my clients and I’ve repeatedly turned to 3x1 to deliver on this. When I finally had the opportunity to meet Scott, I quickly realized why. He and his team are experts in all-things denim and quality. We instantly clicked over our shared passion. I began to discuss the challenges I had experienced when trying to find the ‘right’ jeans. I continued to share my ideas and vision when Scott decided that we should bring those ideas to life – not only for my clients but for everyone.


What inspired the pieces in this collection? 

I started with some of my favorite vintage denim pieces from my personal collection. These served as a great base to the start of my collection. The next step was to focus on the fit. As a stylist, I am consistently transforming outfits with the art of tailoring. It was so important to me that these pieces would have a loose, comfortable fit, but are tight and form-fitting in the best places ;). The Kellie Jean is a special case, 3x1 has a split bell that I’ve been pulling for years and it’s a favorite among a few of my clients. For Kellie, we updated this style with a double-slit on both side seams and a permanent pleat down the center for a dressier feel. I loved adding this new twist, it completely changes this style.


Aside from impeccable tailoring, what are the signature Mimi aspects of the collection? 

Fit and fabrication were two big factors during my creation process. Scott and his team were expertly able to educate me on the seemingly endless possibilities surrounding fabrication capabilities, fit construction, and wash details. We also added signature details to mark some of the pieces using orange thread theory and hardware. Orange is my favorite color, so when suitable, we would discreetly add this for some extra fun. Thanks to an idea from a close friend, there is also a drawing of my sweet poodle Mazie (my obsession and muse) in every pocket. In addition, each piece in the collection is named after someone very special to me. For instance, our ‘dad jean’ is appropriately named after my father, “Kirk.”


What was the process like working with 3x1?

Being in the 3x1 atelier is like a kid in a candy store for denim lovers - getting in the atelier, working with denim rolls, getting to be very hands-on with the product was an ideal scenario since it allowed for me to really see my vision through with the support and guidance of real experts. 3x1 was quite an influential partner. I was amazed by their deep knowledge of every individual thread to each piece of tiny hardware being considered. I would describe the desired look or feel, and they would present me with a multitude of options. This process happened a thousand times over or so. From the ideation through development 3x1 and I were sharing and giving feedback to perfect each piece.


How do you envision people wearing the collection pieces?

I envision my collection being worn day and night, maybe even a couple of days in a row!  I am wearing them right now and they are so comfortable that I may just keep them on for my flight tonight. (Something I have never considered doing with any of the other denim I own.)

Jeans are extremely versatile and I focused on silhouettes that easily transition from day to night dressing - with a pump, sneakers, or chunky boots - these pieces are a base to whatever look you’re going for. The G.I. Tank is based on the shape of a vintage Gucci dress of mine. I can never find tanks that have this very specific square neckline and angular silhouette, it is figure flattering and has a dressed-up element. That being said, it’s super comfortable in a ribbed jersey knit fabrication. The B Jacket is really an ode to California girls (of which I am) it’s a reversible all-weather jacket, with a nod to the ’70s in a vegan shearling. 

It’s a great jacket to wear on a sunset beach walk as well as the streets of New York on a cool fall day. It was important for me to have the jacket be vegan, ensuring that no animals were hurt in the process.


You’re widely known for styling major street style stars and red carpet fashionistas that also happen to be movie stars and supermodels - Tell us your secret sauce to killer style?

I get asked this question a lot and I’m not sure I have a specific answer to it. I always focus on my clients' wants and needs to ultimately make them look and feel their best.  I typically aim for a timeless, classic look and I find that my 3x1 collection is just that. I work really hard with my clients to hone in on their personal style and what pieces they feel most confident in. From there, it’s a lot of research: finding special pieces, whether new or vintage, to help them create their best looks. It’s also an education process: introducing them to new ideas, new brands and vice versa. Overall, it’s really an ongoing collaboration and evolution.


Tell us about the Willow Jean. 

I had to have one piece that was a little ‘out there’ and different -- something that would excite people! I decided on a jean that has cut-outs along the hip bones. It sits on the perfect point of the hips so that the cutouts lay on your shape instead of squeezing it. I also made sure that they do not hug tightly so that everyone feels and looks comfortable.  This pair also has a looser fit pant leg, which I love. It will be a great jean to wear in the summer or on a holiday vacation! We styled it with maximum skin in the lookbook, but it will look great with a bodysuit or tank as well. Our goal was to create an ‘edgier’ piece for this collection, and I am pleased with the outcome.


What are your favorite pieces from your collaboration?

It is so hard to pick my favorites! They are all my favorites. Ha! But if I had to… I am absolutely in love the Diana jean! They are such a great color and the fit and the length are just right. The Kirk jean is also amazing… the Tank… the Jacket. I just love all of the pieces in this collection. And anyone that knows me well, knows that is a rarity.



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