3x1 celebrates an authentic style, designed and made for people who challenge themselves every day to build a better society.
In the 19th century denim clothes were chosen by workers for their sturdiness and practicality: 3x1 inherited this tradition and made it contemporary, raising the production standards of its denim garments, which are today all made in Italy.






Everything started with a canvas. 3x1 is synonymous with denim: the brand name describes the denim’s standard weaving construction, the 3x1 (Right Hand Twill).

All 3x1 models are made with Candiani Denim canvas which is recognized as one of the world's best companies for denim fabric production. Its fabrics are entirely organic and free from microplastics.









3x1 denim is the result of careful study that starts with the research and development phase: the brand’s historical archive is the greatest source of creativity for the style and production department to design the next-season must-haves.

Every model is designed and fitted on the body to guarantee the perfect mix between comfort and style.









Every pair of jeans needs to go through a complex set of washing processes before getting its final look, that can be characterized by different shades, marbled effect or colour deposits.
Some of those washing processes require the addition of natural elements like pumice stone or organic soil to obtain the desired dyeing effect.

3x1 contributes to promoting more sustainable production techniques: for example, reducing water consumption and the use of chemicals. Circular economy and a decrease of the environmental impact are not just abstract ideas but they are a daily commitment for 3x1, also thanks to the support of all its stakeholders.








3x1 clothes go through different steps after the washing processes before they are ready for shop shelves.
These steps are all done by hand by qualified artisans that use different tools like micro drills and brushes to stress or even to tear the denim canvas.
The final effect is designed to look as natural and authentic as possible. That's why the hand-made action is fundamental to give uniqueness to the jeans, without losing the brand’s DNA.









Every pair of 3x1 jeans has to pass a hyper-detailed quality check, before leaving the lab. The final garment is measured multiple times to be sure that its proportions will perfectly fit all body-types without compromising comfort.  Once the final accessories are applied, 3x1 denim is finally ready to become the best companion for people who will wear it in their daily life.





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