A letter from Scott Morrison, Founder

A letter from Scott Morrison, Founder


In January, 3x1 will be turning 8.  It's been quite a journey and nothing truly brings it home for me more than thinking about it in the context of a new year - taking stock of how much we accomplished, and also recognizing how much work there is left to do.  Making jeans for a living was never something I planned on - it was more like something I fell into - and subsequently fell in love with.  Perhaps we're all a bit like that if we’re lucky enough to do something we love.  

Looking back at the past 7 years, it's easy to see that we've done a few things well and certainly, a few things not so well. More times than not, however, we’ve managed to find our way, and through it all, we’ve cultivated an amazing community of friends, fans, and family along the way. Much of what I love about 3x1 is our staff, our neighborhood, and our great city of New York.  That being said, more than anything, the reason I get to do something I love is because of you, our customer, our client.  Its your belief in us, in our ideas, in our commitment to making jeans the right way - Made Here, in America - that has allowed us to grow over the years.  You're the true early adopter, the difference maker, the individual, the collaborator, the innovator, and the visionary - and we simply can’t thank you enough.

A mentor of mine once said: ideas have their minute, fads last weeks, trends last a season or two, labels might work for three or four years, but brands ... real brands take years of refinement and reinvention, until one day they become something else entirely - they become iconic.  Well, iconic is certainly the goal ... and sure, we're probably 40 years from making that a reality, but I'm hoping you're willing to continue to be a part of this journey.  Thank you again for believing in us, allowing us to work through the hiccups along the way, and emerge all the better for it.

We're not a jean for everyone - and that's okay. That was never part of the plan. The plan was simple: make the best jean in the world, one pair at a time.  We'll start with that. - SM

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