Made Here

Made Here

"Made Here" is part of the 3x1 trademark of course, but more importantly, it’s the foundation of our identity as a brand. In it’s simplest form, it’s a reference to making jeans here in here in our shop in Soho (NYC). But, in a larger context, Made Here is also a reference to being American and as such, making things here in the USA. This is our home, and the sense of pride we have in what we do, how we do it, and where we do it, all factors in to the end product.”
-Scott Morrison, 3x1 Founder


Q: How is the 'Made Here' concept relevant in your business or life in general?

A: For me, Made Here is about taking inspiration from my surroundings and reinterpreting it into my work. As a photographer I get to reference my own experiences, so I’m a part of my environment and how I approach a shoot has a lot to do with where I am, and what I’m seeing. I get to look back on moments, places, people, and light, and pull these individual pieces together into something unique. It really pushes me to try new things, take notes, and appreciate some smaller details.

-Jon Stars, Photographer


A: To me, ‘Made Here’ means being thoughtful and true to yourself – creating ideas that help define you. Almost all ideas start with a collaboration of sorts – either directly or indirectly, drawing from people, materials, past or present – but in the end, you have to believe in your ideas to put them out there. The only way to know if something is truly ‘made here’, is to wear your ideas on your shoulder, the good and the bad – stand behind them, have conviction, and follow through… no matter how weird, or wonderful and hopefully a bit of both.

-Luke Flynn, Prize Pins


A: To me Made Here is about doing things for the right reasons, with the right people. Its about treating people fairly and with respect, about loyalty and about lifting others up even though it might push you down. Its about understanding the difference between success and happiness, and being able to achieve both on your own terms.

-Carlo Mirarchi, 2 Michelin Star Chef and Co-owner at Blanca and Roberta's


A: For me, ‘Made Here’ is one of the big things with my art. It’s made - I don’t rely on Photoshop to create the things. So much of what I do is all about the arts and crafts and problem solving, like, how do I make a gingerbread structure look like a beautiful art museum? How do I make you connect with a prisoner’s last meal - when you look at the photograph it makes the reality of a last meal come together. So to me that aspect of made here is really strong in my work.

-Henry Hargreaves, Artist

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