Common Thread: A Docuseries

Common Thread: A Docuseries



We partnered with our friends at Convicts to create episode 1 of a docuseries we're calling Common Thread. This series tells the story of the great American blue jean and begins to explore the future of the most democratic apparel product in the world through the lens of the cultures that have been part of its creation and dispersion over the past 140 years.

Episode 1 follows our Founder Scott Morrison as he travels to Italy to meet with fashion industry icon, Renzo Rosso of Diesel, denim producer Candiani, and finishing company Tonello, to explore the historical and current landscape of the industry, innovations in denim production, and the future of sustainable denim. 

With a focus on Italy’s role as the home of artisanal craftsmanship, luxury fashion, and the birthplace of luxury denim, Morrison addresses the prevalence and nature of multi-generational Italian business, fast fashion’s race to the bottom influence, and what it takes to make high-quality product today. 

We hope you enjoy and keep an eye out for future episodes!

Interested in learning more? Tune into Scott Morrison's interview on The Denim & Boots podcast... 




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