Q+A: Trey Rowser

Q+A: Trey Rowser

Trey, a Brooklyn dwelling multidisciplinary, multi-talented creative spent the afternoon with us strolling SoHo, Chinatown, and Tribeca, chatting NY-living, his signature style, and of course denim. 



Q: Who are you, where are you from, and what are you doing in New York?

Trey: My name is Curtis, but many people call me Trey. I was born in Brooklyn, but really I’m from Virginia. I moved up to NYC with my homies after we graduated almost two years ago. Our collective – eleven01 – consists of many different creative aspects. As for myself, I am a model and am striving to work at the highest level possible. What better place to be doing what I'm doing than NYC.

Q: What inspires you when getting dressed? 

Trey: Hip-hop and basketball. The most influential people in my life are either hoopers or rappers. The hip-hop culture is so diverse, making it a melting pot for all types of style inspiration. To be honest though, what inspires me most is simply how I’m feeling at any given time. I’m a pretty simple dresser. I always prefer a minimalistic, clean aesthetic.  

 Q: What's the 1 item you wear every day? 

Trey: I wear my gold chain every single day. While the actual chain is fairly new, I’ve had the gold piece since I was about 8 years old. It’s a picture of me and my father who passed when I was 7. On the back, “Daddy & Me” is engraved.  


Q: What's the background on your tattoos?

Trey: I got my first tattoo when I was 19 and haven’t looked back since. As I said earlier, basketball and hip-hop are two of my biggest inspirations, and tattoos have played a significant role in both cultures. I’ve gotten to a point where I just really enjoy and appreciate good ink. Some of my tattoos have more sentimental meaning, while others are just images that I love for the visual. Ultimately, every tattoo I have is super special to me because they are an additional form of me expressing myself in one way or another.

 Q: What are the elements that make up your perfect pair of jeans?

Trey: For me, the most important thing about my jeans is how they fit. There is nothing better than a perfectly fitting pair of jeans. If not for my few pairs of raw denim, I'd say all my favorite jeans have some sort of distressing.

Q: 3x1 is known for being "Made Here," what does "Made Here" mean to you?

Trey: “Made Here” is indicative of a more dynamic connection with the brand. Here can be anywhere. But if you know, you know.



Q: Where do you live in the city?

Trey: I live in Brooklyn. Flatbush to be exact.

Q: When you're not working how do you spend your time? 

Trey: When I'm not shooting I like to be behind the camera, I enjoy taking photos with my film or Polaroid cameras. I also love love love record hunting and I play basketball every opportunity I get.

Q: What are you currently listening to?

Trey: Huey Supreme, Al-Doms, Scrilla Kwam, Wale, Cole, and Kendrick are always in the rotation. The Jungle is the Only Way Out by Mereba is the album of the year so far in my opinion.  

Q: Where can we find you on a Saturday night? 

Trey: Home


Rapid fire: 

Q: Go to late night city food?
Trey: Sweet Chick if I’m not near a taco truck in Williamsburg

Q: Preferred mode of transport? 
Trey: Uber

Q: One sneaker you couldn't live without?
Trey: This is insanely difficult, but I’ll have to say Bred 1s. This sneaker changed the game forever.

Q: Describe your style in one word.
Trey: clean

Q: Raw or stretch denim?
Trey: Raw

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Photography by Elena Mudd @elenamudd

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