Scott's Top 5: October 2018

Scott's Top 5: October 2018

With less than 2000 jeans being made each year in our Atelier, it’s easy to understand that there is only so much we can make here in NYC. When we talk about making larger quantities, especially for styles found in our wholesale collection, we have to move that production out to Southern California. It’s not just where the best jeans-making is located, but it's also where we find the best laundries in the USA to wash them.

But every once in a while, we feel the need to make something extra special, something we call 'LIMITED EDITION.’ Often these styles are limited because of fabric availability, or the complexity of how it’s made. Sometimes we make it in limited quantities because too much of a good thing is, well, not a good thing.

Here's my top 5 for October 2018 - a mix of limited edition styles and some of our hero products. 


M3 x Joe Doucet
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Joe, and I loved how he was so focused on making improvements to the ‘modern jean’ but equally respectful of what a jean represents and how iconic its design has been. We used one of my favorite denims (Kurabo xx70) and it’s got all the bells and whistles to make this model a legacy product.

M3 - Vaughn (Limited Edition)
It’s rare that we use non-selvedge in the men’s collection, but when we do, there’s usually good reason. Kaihara‘ s xx771 gave me exactly such a reason, as it’s a stretch blend of cotton, lyocell, and poly. Soft, beautiful, authentic looking, year-round weight, and a gorgeous wash ... it’s all here.

MJ Type 2 - Raw (Limited Edition)
Okay fine, it’s a reference garment, which is to say this jacket is inspired by history and sure I think we’ve improved upon it making it fit a modern guy today better than ever, but it’s a throwback and I love it. We chose to use Cone’s White Oak selvedge (xx4) which is some of the last yardage to come out of Greensboro before they closed the plant. This jacket is timeless and can be worn any number of ways, but I’m loving it as a layering piece for Fall. And remember, we only made 24 pcs.  

M5 - RAW xx855 (Limited Edition)
I’d be remiss if I didn’t think about putting either the M3 or M5 xx855 into this list, as we probably sell more of these styles than any other one item in the shop. Everyday proves that guys need a great black jean, and we partnered with Kaihara (Japan) for a very limited run of a stretch, black warp x black weft selvedge. These are clean, sophisticated, comfortable, and wear incredibly well over time.  

M4 - Dark Fortress
This is a perennial favorite in the shop. Kuroki (Japan) xx452 is simply one of the best denims I’ve ever come across. Vintage red-caste, incredible marbling, and the ability to create high-low contrast with laser or hand-sanding like no other.  What does that mean to you? Well it means that you can have an incredible vintage inspired, 100% cotton, timeless jean made from this 13 oz. selvedge, that can be worn for years to come.  It’s so versatile (and beloved) that we put this wash/fabric in every fit we make (M3, M4, M5) ... you won’t be disappointed. 

To see the full Limited Edition offering click HERE

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