3x1 | JASON WU

3x1 | JASON WU

We’re excited to team up with our esteemed friend Jason and his beloved eponymous American sportswear brand Jason Wu for Spring 2019. Our partnership brings a range of edgy yet refined skirts, shorts, and jeans that are both beautifully washed and expertly crafted for a distinct look and unparalleled fit.


Long Skirt in Star White, Womens Designer Clothing | 3x1 Denim


Why Jason Wu?

“For us, this collaboration is really about Jason and I sharing our passions and expertise. Jason came to us wanting to experiment with denim and we were able to pair his enthusiasm with our knowledge to make something fun and fantastic. We relished the opportunity to work with Jason Wu, one of our generation’s most iconic designers, and his team, as we shared our vision and expertise for denim in this Spring ‘19 collection. 3x1 has always been about artistic collaboration, as we have always invited people into our process. Creating their own unique denim pieces through our custom made, bespoke programs, or partnering with retailers to cater to their clientele - that is what we do. This Jason Wu collaboration is an incredible opportunity to share our process with our collective brand fans and with our wholesale partners around the world.”

-Scott Morrison, Founder of 3x1


Why 3x1?

“Scott and the 3x1 team have amazing expertise and know-how in denim and I am personally a fan of their jeans as part of my own wardrobe. I felt that this would be a great collaboration because the denim provides a nice, sportif contrast to my aesthetic which is inherently very feminine. I also love the fact that we are two American brands joining forces to create a collection that’s very special.”

-Jason Wu, Designer


The collection

The nine-piece collaboration, features characteristically Wu design elements, capturing an easy glamour while distinguishing itself in some of the world’s finest denim. Feminine cuts meet modern tailoring as 3x1 and Wu reimagine trousers, long A-line skirts, slim fit denim, and shorts featuring geometric multipaneled pieces, outlined at times with contrasting thread theory, and defined by sharp angles inspired by architecture found in the cityscape both brands call home.

Explore the full collection here

Jason Wu Short in Charcoal black. Womens Designer Clothing | 3x1 Denim

Jason Wu Pencil Skirt in Midnight Blue, Womens Designer Clothing | 3x1 Denim

Jason Wu Short in Dusk Blue | Womens Designer Clothing | 3x1 Denim



Jason Wu Jean in Charcoal Black | Womens Designer Clothing | 3x1 Denim

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