Well-Worn: The Wedding Jean

Well-Worn: The Wedding Jean

"Well-Worn" is an ongoing series wherein denim expert and 3x1 Founder Scott Morrison revisits a well-worn pair of 3x1's, sharing its unique history, the beauty behind the fades, and the distinct nuances that make each pair a one-of-a-kind. 


On June 9, 2012 I married my wife, Gracileia, at my home in Phoenicia, NY.  A handful of close friends and family were in attendance as we both wanted to keep things small and intimate. We also wanted our dear friend Mark Duston to marry us. Mark was (and still is) a friend from my days at Earnest Sewn, and someone I like to call a ‘denim enthusiast.’ He’s got good taste and the mental fortitude to wear a pair of jeans in the right way … which is to say, without excessive washing and only after a nice long introduction (i.e. 3-4 months).  In addition, Mark had a job that took him all around the world and allowed him to wear jeans to work … Mark was the Tour Manager for LCD Soundsystem and Death Cab For Cutie (to name a few).  

What I didn’t know was that he was going to make a pair of Custom 3x1 M4’s in Kurabo xx60 denim, my favorite all-time green caste denim, to commemorate my big day, and Mark decided to not only start breaking them in on the very day we were married, but then wear these jeans for the next couple of years almost exclusively.  Call it intentional, call it fortuitous, either way, Mark proceeded to create one of the most beautiful fades I’ve ever seen, washing once or twice, and ultimately sending them back to me for some repair work.  I, of course, asked to recommission them, as I’ve done for a number of favorite jeans over the past 20 years, to become a ‘reference garment’ for wash inspiration.  Nice friend, right? What I didn’t realize until I was sitting in our laundry one afternoon in LA a couple months later, was that Mark was thoughtful enough to inscribe the date and location of this jean’s first wearing, the date of my wedding, as such this jean will forever be known as the ‘The Wedding Jean.’  


The Wedding Jean was sewn with our Red Orange + Egyptian Topaz A&E D-Core thread and made in our 15 Mercer atelier in June 2012.  This pair incorporated our 30L YKK Matte Gold waistband button, our 22L YKK Matte Gold open top buttons in the fly, and our signature 1/1 ‘Custom Made’ or ‘Bespoke’ waistband label.   Note the classic White + Red selvedge identification (ID), and the slightly tinted weft yarns.

Mark, I promise you - these jeans will find their way home to you … just in time for my 10th Anniversary.  Much love my friend … 

Words by Scott Morrison 


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